Monday, August 20, 2012

Killer Case of The Mondays

I didn't quite finish the big project I started working on Friday, but I have made progress.

I went for the interview today and it did not go well.  Did you ever go to an interview where no matter how you answer the question, your answer will be wrong?  Questions like "So, have you stopped torturing kittens yet?"  Where, even if you've never in your life laid a hand on a kitten in anger, no matter how you answer you're going to end up looking like a sociopath.  Well, that's what this was like except for they were job related questions.... So, I guess they were more along the lines of "So, have you stopped robbing the company yet?"  Where, even if you've never so much as pilfered a pen, there is no answer that will put you in a favorable light.  Such was my interview today.

I guess I can take some consolation in the fact that I looked ok.  I had a nice outfit and my hair was actually fairly cooperative.

So, now I am back to looking for jobs since this interview was really the last thing I had "on deck".  I am trying to not feel too down about it and I am trying to stop myself from replaying it all in my head and picking apart every question and every answer.

Onwards to something bigger and better, right?

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