Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Purpose vs. Paycheck

A week and a half ago, I was laid off.  It feels, quite frankly, like much, much longer than that.  I keep applying, talking to people on the phone, hoping that I am doing everything that needs to be done. I keep wondering if I am EVER going to find a job or just keep on interviewing and interviewing.  It seems that there is always someone out there who is just a LITTLE BIT better than I am and they get the job.

Tomorrow I have some projects to get done.I think Thursday will be the day I run my post office errands. And then it will be Friday again.  It seems like just yesterday I was toasting my new job with friends and now I am worrying anew about whether I'm going to find new employment soon.

I have not yet interviewed for a job that's made me feel that really enthusiastic.  I've not even found anything to apply for that makes me feel enthusiastic.  Maybe that's a side effect of having wanted this last job so much and having had it turn out to be somewhat a nightmare.

I need to think of ways to do something that will give my life some purpose while still bringing in money.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Anticipated Reset...*sigh

As I had feared, I got a call from bossdude today, letting me know I was being laid-off.  I am not surprised, but I am disappointed.  Especially since I do not think this is what bosslady wants.

I am upset that he handled it. I'm HER assistant and she should get to say when things end. But, alas, I fear that my feeling that he was just humoring her and that he wants to force her onto the mommy track are true.  Woe betide any child that comes into this world under those circumstances.

And so... I march resolutely back to Square One... to start over again.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Not a great start to the year...

I've not heard from bosslady in over a week. I was contacted last week by the Unemployment Office about my "recent unemployment"...  I am assuming, at this point, that the Unemployment Office knows what they are talking about and that I likely don't have a job anymore.  To say I am deeply disappointed if this is how this ends is an understatement.

As it is, I've gotten virtually no hour the past couple of weeks but I can't quit because then I will be ineligible for Unemployment, which is a tiny sum, but it's something.

Meanwhile, I HAVE been proactively seeking work. It's slow going, though, and I'm starting to panic.

So... I am getting ready to reset the clock and march back to Square One.

Can I get a 'do over' on this year so far?