Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Anticipation, Waiting and a possible mess...

I had an interview today for a job that I really, really want.  I interviewed with two people. The first just wasn't impressed by anything I said and I kept getting the feeling that he was waiting for me to apologize for/explain the fact that I've had a number of short-term jobs and I just didn't address the issue at all because of the jobs on my resume, there is one that I left after having three bosses in less than a year and I was going to get my hours cut and all of the best parts of the job taken away and one where they decided they wanted someone bilingual in a language I did not know how to speak.  They decided after hiring (and letting go) 6 people in an 18 month span that this skill was absolutely essential.  All the rest of my jobs, I've been downsized or they have been contract positions with a set end (ok, so one of them, the person I worked for retired) but the point is, I am NOT someone who quits or job-hops.  I have the Resume of Career Catastrophes... a series of events which I did not create or control.

The second person I interviewed with, I really "clicked" with and I would pretty much sell my soul to work with.  There are very few people I meet that I feel a fairly instantaneous connection with, but this was one of those times.

And so, I have written my thank-you letters and now I wait.

In the meantime, I got a call about a contract job and they want me to interview tomorrow (which messes up my plans for the afternoon... I have a standing appointment on Thursdays) but the person who had called me could not even give me an address.  So, hopefully tomorrow morning I will get an address and can figure out the best way to accomplish getting to the interview, rushing home to change and then get to my appointment (because interview clothes are absolutely not appropriate for the appointment).

Wish me luck on getting the job I interviewed for today.

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