Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Long and Winding Road

Nothing overly interesting happening on the work front lately, which is why I've not posted. I have, however, started taking mass transit to work. For me, this is a train ride and a bus ride. I've been fortunate enough to get a ride to the train station in the mornings and home from the station at night, which has made the whole thing infinitely more tolerable.

The train part of the journey has actually been fine. I don't know if the train is still a novelty to me which is why I don't mind it or if it is because it usually moves along pretty quickly so I don't have time to be annoyed. The bus part of the trip is arduous on the best days. Monday it was pretty awful because a bus was late and all of the people who would normally take the earlier bus PLUS all the people who would normally take the bus that I ride, ALL packed into the bus. The bus I usually ride usually has no empty seats. With two busloads of people packed in, there were people standing in the aisle from the very front of the bus to the very back of the bus. Fortunately, everyone had a pretty "we're all in the same boat, so let's make the best of it" attitude about it, which made things nicer/easier. It always helps when people aren't surly about situations. We all (eventually) got where we were going but it is not an experience I hope to have to endure again (but I am sure that I will... because buses are late all the time, it's just the way mass transit works).

Since I had something I needed to do after work tonight, I took the car today. I stopped for coffee this morning....because I could. It was lovely. No one coughing on me, no people talking loudly on their cell phones, just me and the morning radio show guys. I got to work a little early, even. I was surprised that there was no one parked in what had been "my" spot, back when I was driving every day.

I'm off work tomorrow, which means I have a long weekend. It will be glorious to not have to answer to the beck and call of an alarm in the morning. I have a mile-long to do list and we will see what I actually end up getting done. If you celebrate Easter, I hope that you have a lovely Easter.