Monday, February 28, 2011

Had to happen some time...

So, I had a lousy day at work today. Which, after about 4 months, isn't too bad. I mean, it usually takes under 3 weeks for the shit to hit the fan in some way, so I did pretty well this time. It wasn't something awful, I just did something stupid and got called on the carpet about it. I went to lunch, sat in the car and cried, listened to some loud music, ate a chili cheese dog (with mustard and onions) and then went back to work. The rest of the afternoon was frustrating because nothing worked the way I needed it to and, well, altogether, I am just going to chalk the whole thing up to " a case of the Mondays" and hope that tomorrow will be better.

It's frustrating because there was something that REALLY needed to get done last week and it's not even really started. I keep getting handed new "hot" tasks to do and I can't get the regular stuff that I am supposed to get done completed. And the bosslady is swamped with doing taxes and stuff so she doesn't have the time to help and there is the whole issue of my being there supposed to be HELP, not putting things back on the bosslady.

And if I didn't have a shitstorm of stuff going on in my personal life, I'd just work on stuff at home. And I suppose you could call "bullshit" on that because here I am blogging but after the day that I had today, I would be ineffective, at best, as far as getting anything done this evening.

I worry about stuff like today because the reality is that I am still "on probation" and I'm not stupid enough to think that I am irreplaceable. One call to the agency that they got me from and I could be out on my ass. Sure, I am now an "employee", but really, I know in today's economy "here today, gone tomorrow" is the harsh reality.

Tomorrow will be better, right?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Under the (icy) weather

I know I haven't posted in a while. First the weather was really awesome so I was enjoying it and then the ICE came and everything went to Hell (if, you know, Hell was a place of ICE and not FIRE) and I was too frozen to post anything plus I have been working from home which is simultaneously awesome and awkward because I love that I can do it but don't want to push my luck, ya know? I don't want them to decide that since they can get along without me in the office for a day or two that they can get along without me all together.

And I AM working at home. I am getting things accomplished and that's good but I have to admit that the mess in my apartment is pretty distracting and the fact that the fridge is RIGHT OVER THERE is a temptation but then today I pretty much sat at my desk for hours and hours and when I finally got up I was all locked up because even though I CAN get up and move, I get into a task and completely forget to get up and move and that's not a good thing.

So, after working hours tonight, I did do a little housekeeping and I need to work on the bit of the livingroom that I can see from the office (I never want to live somewhere without a room that I can use as a home office ever again. The whole idea of having a room that is the "office' is such a good idea that the thought of going back to having the computer in the livingroom and not in a separate space is pretty loathesome at this point. Which may means I am doomed to live in this apartment forever or at least until they raise the rent to the point of utter ridiculousness like they did back where I lived 4 years ago. There, I moved into a place and over the course of years the rent crept up and crept up but the property wasn't really improved or even really well maintained. I know that the current management company where I am is going to try to say that they have "improved" the property but new siding isn't cutting it... how about a laundry room that actually has working machines? How about an office that doesn't sent me delinquent notices when I have never, ever been delinquent? How about some SECURITY and a pool that's open for more than a couple of hours more than a couple of weeks a year? Oh yeah... and a toilet that doesn't run... And some actual weatherstripping so I am not paying to heat/cool the airspace outside of my apartment?

*AHEM*... sorry about that....

So, I have been busy while I haven't been here and I'll try to get back more often. Hope that the weather wherever you are isn't too awful. We will thaw soon, right?