Friday, August 24, 2012

Clock ticks on...

I had an interview today and I had hoped that today would be the day that I would finally rejoin the world of the Gainfully Employed. Alas, it seems that I will not have any answers until next week which means that yet another weekend will be filled with applying for jobs.

I know there are tens of thousands of people who are out of work for months and even years and that I have very little that I can/should complain about. But that doesn't stave off the feelings of panic and dread that I have, especially since I was penalized for having gotten a week of severance and for some reason they are making me wait two weeks instead of the standard one week waiting period for my unemployment benefits to kick in, but I've been reporting to them since the day I was laid off and am in a position where if I am offered ANY job, I MUST take it or I will lose my benefits so I have to be extremely careful what jobs I am applying for.

I did feel that the interview today went well. I was a little disappointed that the next applicant showed up nearly 15 minutes early which distracted the person conducting the interview and really caused me to not be able to wrap things up the way I would have liked to wrap things up. The final couple minutes were very awkward and I vowed to never encroach on another applicant's time because it is really pretty unfair and honestly pretty rude.  Don't get me wrong. I am all for being punctual. I even showed up at the site over a half hour early, but I didn't actually go to the office I was interviewing at until 5 minutes before my scheduled appointment and I was only that early because the agency rep stated in the email that 5 minutes early was their expectation and I wanted to show that I could follow directions.

I did send a thank-you letter, both by email and by regular USPS mail.  I am hoping that my thoroughness and attention to detail will help me get hired (the agency representative seemed to think it should).

So,  this will be another tense, unsatisfying weekend. Unfortunately. Hope you are all faring well.

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