Friday, October 10, 2008


Let's say you're the district manager for a retail chain.

You supervise 6 stores.

You have a store that is not doing well and everyone from Grunt #1 to the Manager has given notice, so now you have to re-staff the store.

Staff at this store complained that they were not trained to do their jobs.

The Manager is quitting because she is "burned out" and has just done everything herself rather than delegating things and having them done incorrectly.

Would you stick with the management style you've been using, which is telling employees to "figure it out" if they ask you a question? Would you stick with that management style when you have new employees telling you that at 2 weeks they don't feel they've really had the training they need and feel like they SHOULD know things but don't?

Your company's policy is that everyone is trained to do every job. I applaud this. But is "figure it out" training? Just because that was YOUR training doesn't make it CORRECT training.

Am I wrong to look at this situation and think there is a "disconnect" happening somewhere?