Friday, February 19, 2010

Seriously, Madame Headhunter?

Just found out that the headhunter I'd spoken with yesterday. Whom I had TOLD I had appointments and would not be at home for the afternoon, PULLED ME FROM CONSIDERATION for a job because I could not instantaneously provide her with a completely customized, totally revamped resume IMMEDIATELY (because I was DOWNTOWN, nowhere near my computer) when she called and demanded it.

SERIOUSLY??? You couldn't have at least forwarded the resume I supplied? The one that I had PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN? The one that showcases my vast experience? Because you wanted a resume that specifically said I'd set up chairs and cleaned up after meetings?

From now on, I have no choice but to treat anything presented by a headhunter as a "vapor" position. Meaning that, as far as I know, the position DOES NOT EXIST and is being used to bulk up a headhunter's "desperate job hunter" database.

If I have to manipulate information to highlight inferior skills and downplay the plethora of experience I have, something is wrong.

This, then, leaves me with one marginally viable potential job on the table right now. The rest of what is out there, the positions I was allegedly submitted for by headhunters? They don't exist.

I am beyond livid.

This is so damned ridiculous.

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