Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More chasing rainbows...

So far this week I had one interview that was pretty much a waste of time and one that went (I thought) well. I have another one on deck.

Interview #1 said that they'd have a decision within 2 weeks, but it's pretty much a lock I'm not going to get that one due to my effed up transportation situation.

Interview #2 is supposed to try to decide by the end of the week.

No idea about Interview #3's timeline except that they've been interviewing since Monday and apparently have not found what they seek.

#3 would, for the long term, probably be the best of the bunch. #2 would, for the short term be a good opportunity. #1 isn't worth talking about.

#2 pays a little more than #3. It has a shorter commute. It is also a contract. #3 is a full-time, regular position.

Would I like to end tomorrow with at least one job offer? Yes, yes I would. Will I? Probably not. Still hoping against hope for a Monday Morning start!

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