Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Friday reeks of disappointment

So, it's pretty much 4PM on Friday afternoon which means... I am not going to hear JACK SHIT about any jobs until Tuesday (Monday being a holiday). IF I was going to be offered the job I REALLY want, it would have been offered by now. The nice, long-term contract that I was allegedly in the running for? I am not even being considered for an interview which leaves... a short-term contract that has no opportunity for extension. Great. Don't get me wrong.... right now the opportunity to be working would be welcome but I don't understand why I can't get an offer for something long-term. I can't even get INTERVIEWS for long-term. I am, at this point, doubting that I will ever have a job again. I am absolutely dreading facing the fact that I am going to be absolutely ruined financially, but it is simply a reality-check away at this point.

The one person I can think of who might, potentially, have some connections and might be able to help me score a job (albeit on their calling in a favor and not by any merit on my part) has fallen off the face of the Earth (or so it seems).

So yes, my friends (ummm, not that I really have any readers, but if I DID, I would refer to you as "my friends") MsCleanslate is officially beaten and depressed. And, apparently, not employable. ::SIGH::

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