Monday, February 8, 2010

Make me an offer, already!

So, the "days since I was last employed" counter continues to tick away the time. And depress the everlovin' hell out of me. I have a phone interview tomorrow. The job would be ok, but it is a contract job which means that, in a few months, I'll be right back here doing the whole search thing again and for how long next time?

I want the job I interviewed for last week. I want them to call me today and offer it to me. Even if I can't start for 2-3 weeks because they don't want someone to start until March, I still want the offer today. Because if I get offered this contract job before I get offered the other one? I sortve have to take it and it makes you a real asshat if you back out of a contract. And the people who hire contractors.... they talk to each other... so you don't want to flake out of a contract. I know you're going to tell me that people do it all the time and I just have to tell you that maybe OTHER people do, but once I make the call that I am going to take the contract, I really feel like I HAVE to honor the commitment.

But I can't exactly call up the company and say OFFER ME THE DAMN JOB, even though I really WANT to do that.

And so, my friends, I am sortve in a funk. Because I need a job and there is no guarantee that I will be offered either of these jobs but I really WANT the long-term job because I am SO over the whole job-hunting "thing".

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