Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another week down...

If you will note, my counter is still ticking away. Another week has passed and I have still not one freakin' job offer. I don't suspect I will hear from the folks I interviewed with on Wednesday for a couple of weeks, if I ever hear from them again. That leaves me with a couple of potential contract positions and I think we know my "par for the course" with those. I am not exactly what you could call "enthused" or "pleased" at this point in time.

The job from Wednesday, let's call it "OC" would be a full-time, regular position. There would be benefits. From what I was told in the interview, I am guessing the salary would be about tiny monies +3, which is borderline acceptable. I am not so concerned with benefits as I don't even remember the last job I had where I had them and I've been ok. Commute is not wonderful but not horrible.

Contract job #1, let's call it "FM", is a 6 month contract, high probability that it will be extended. Low probability it will ever become a "real" job. Pay is "Whoot!". No benefits. Commute would probably be tolerable. I was, by the way, supposed to hear something from these folks by now. Yeah, that didn't happen. But it seldom does.

Contract job #2, lets call it "CO" is a 6 month contract. Low probability for extension. NO prospect for it becoming a "real" job. Pay is "Whoo!" (a step below "Whoot!") No benefits. Commute would be...LONG. This is allegedly supposed to "move quickly" but I guess that means something different to me than it does to the recruiter.

Still, at this point, I want the "OC" position. I don't want to have to be looking for work (for God knows how long) again in 6 months. I'm TIRED of that. If I could have the 4-5 months off and not have to be worried about paying bills, that'd be one thing. But I am not "enjoying" the time off because I constantly worry about keeping the bills paid and a roof over my head.

Also on my mind right now is a friend who is MIA. This is someone who does this from time to time, but this time it's been longer than usual and I am getting nervous. Not a damn thing I can do about it, though. ::SIGH::

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