Friday, February 26, 2010

Never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression

Before I went to the interview today, I got the impression that I am REALLY not who the interviewer wanted to hire but all of the people she DOES want to hire don't bother showing up for the interview.

One of the cardinal rules of interviewing is always be on time. Well, thanks to good ol' mass transit, I blew that one all to hell today. So much for overcoming her reservations about me and getting a job offer.

As it is, she's doing a phone interview tomorrow (WTF? I could have saved the freakin' trip? For real? And it's really not exactly fair to hold different interviewees to different standards... GRRR!)

Bottom line, I'm not going to get the job. I should have known that from the initial phone call. I busted my ass to make it to the interview. I left home at 11:30 this morning and got home after 7PM this evening... so almost 8 hours... DAMN.

Did I do well in the inteview? I believe I did. She asked some weird questions. She also asked about "reliable transportation" and, well, thanks to today's mass transit SNAFU I guess it is safe to say I get points off for that...

The "testing"? I have to believe I nailed it... but, it wasn't anything that was scored or anything, more that they wanted to see if you had certain skills, which I believe that I demonstrated that I have.

Could I do the job? HELL YES! Would I love the job? More than likely, I would. And it is a "real" job not a contract.

Am I going to get an offer? Realistically, I would have to say no. I think the interviewer knew that before I ever got there today. I'm honestly not even sure why she had me come in. But I know that the transit SNAFU probably hurt me a great deal.

And yet... there is this little ray of hope deep within me... Which I almost wish wasn't there... because when rejection comes and you have that ray of hope, it hurts. And I really, really don't need any more hurt right now.

(And I really can't afford the travel that would be involved in the training, even if it's reimbursed... ::SIGH::)

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