Thursday, January 7, 2010

No, please... tell me how you REALLY feel....

This has not been a great week for Ms. Cleo. Much drama. And a call from an agency that went really awry.

I got a call from an agency representative (allegedly, at least) and we had a little discussion about my experience and all seemed to be going as it usually does in these situations. And then things went... weird.

She told me that it was her professional opinion that I had been "grossly overpaid" for most of my jobs in the last decade and that I "must be a problem employee" whose employers keep me on "out of pity" because none of my recent contract work has lead to being hired on. I was informed that GOOD contract employees are ALWAYS found a job within the company they are contracting at and that she believes that I must be "a real piece of work" to have so many short-term positions. She is sure that I may have been TOLD that the contract ended but she's pretty sure that they just got my sorry ass out the door and then hired someone who is intelligent and competent.

Yeah, so.... I don't think that agency is going to be much help to me. I don't know if this woman was having a lousy day and decided she needed to call someone she could be a bitch to or if maybe this is some insane Craigslist person who posted an ad and then called people who responded and claimed she is with an agency. Or maybe she once upon a time worked for the agency and is now on a campaign to make sure people don't work with them. In any case, it is an agency I'd attempted to work with before and gotten treated hideously so I wouldn't have been inclined to try again anyhow. But, yeah... this did NOT do wonders for my self-esteem.

How is YOUR week going?

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