Friday, January 15, 2010

I've about had it with recruiters...

It's disappointing when you go on an interview and feel it went well and then... the phone is silent, there is no new email and you know, you just KNOW that they were not as into you as you were to them. If they really like you and want to hire you, the follow-up is swift. If it doesn't come right away, you are likely not their first choice. I know this because I've done interviewing and hiring and if you like someone and you want them, you call them right away. Even if you haven't seen all the candidates yet, sometimes you just know you've seen "the one" and you call them right away. And then you interview the rest and hold them to the standard that "the one" set. If someone matches or exceeds that, you have a special file for people you will give your next available opening to/people you will call if, for some reason, "the one" is a bummer.

And then there was today's recruiter call. I called her back right away and left a message and she took her sweet time calling me back. The job was an entry level HR position. I told her about my background and she asked "Have you done sales?" Wait...WHAT? This is an HR job, there was no "sales experience needed" anywhere in the ad. As soon as I said no to that she couldn't hang up the phone fast enough. Here's a hint... if there is a specific NECESSARY skillset, you need to PUT IT IN THE AD.

So... to recap:

Monday= Interview (for which I received rejection on Wednesday)
Tuesday = Call from recruiter who I called back and left 3 messages and she never deigned to call me back.
Wednesday= Interview (they've not called/emailed me or my references)
Thursday= Call from recruiter who advertised a HR position, wanted unmentioned sales skillset and from whom I will never hear again.

Nothing on deck. No prospects. Monday is a holiday so I will hear/have scheduled JACK SQUAT on Monday.

I'm getting really tired of this. Can I just get a job already?

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