Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gettin' better all the time....

I had an interview last week. It went really well. They wanted someone to start on Monday . I heard nothing and so assumed that, once again, I'd done something wrong and didn't get the job. Sure as shit, got a brief email today saying that while I was "impressive" someone else was a better fit.

Had a phone interview today for a job that pays tiny monies. It is in a call center that is open 24/7. They expect you to be available for all shifts, including weekends. With no vehicle, I can't get there on weekends. So, basically, I had a phone interview today for a job I cannot possibly accept in good conscience if they decide to hire me.

To say I'm a tiny bit frustrated would be a gross understatement.

I don't understand how I possibly blew the interview that I thought went well. Everything they needed done, I could do. I had experience in all of it. I was willing to accept the tiny monies they were offering for pay. I was willing to commute the hour and 45 minutes (or 14 minute drive.... friggin' public transportation!) And... again I didn't make the grade. WTF? I've NEVER had a time when I had a half dozen interviews and got ZERO offers.

I don't know what to think anymore. Could it be possible that I found and moved to the one place on Earth where they hate me even more than where I moved from? I am beginning to think that must be the case. Maybe some mass memo went out to all area employers from the netherworld from whence I moved saying "Do Not Hire MsCleo... she sucks.... and not in the "fringe benefit" sort of way"...

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