Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm glad I don' t have to be you, redux

I'm not a difficult person to get along with. Yes, I am rather quiet and I understand that people find me aloof sometimes (not true, btw, I am just quiet because I don't know you and am unsure of myself). I've tried very hard to have a good attitude about the place I am working now, in spite of having been called on the carpet about my "rudeness", I've really endeavored to be positive in the workplace.

But today... Today my co-workers ONCE AGAIN all went off to lunch together. Without a word to me. One gal stayed behind but it was her CHOICE and she had been cajoled and almost BEGGED to join them. Not ONE WORD was said to me. Not "we're going to lunch and we need you to stay and answer the phone", not "we're going to lunch", NOTHING. And, yes, I HEARD them all planning to go to lunch but it bothers me that I don't even matter enough to be given the COURTESY of being asked if maybe *I* had lunch plans.

And then the icing on the cake. The gal who is my supervisor called for the gal who had stayed behind. At that point there were TWO people at her desk talking to her, which I relayed. "Well, tell her it's an EMERGENCY" and I did and she said to tell SupervisorLady that she was BUSY and would have to call her back. SupervisorLady then called the direct line and cell phone of the gal that had stayed behind REPEATEDLY. As if she didn't believe that I had relayed the message. (I know who was incessantly calling because the gal that stayed behind bitched about it). She finally called SupervisorLady back and all SupervisorLady wanted was to know if she could bring something back for the gal that stayed behind.

HOW FUCKING UNBELIEVEABLY RUDE!! To speak to me and not even ASK if you could bring ME something but to call and call and call someone who didn't even want to go in the first place and who didn't want anything (not that I did, but that isn't the POINT) and not even have the COMMON COURTESY to extend an offer to me. Wow. And it's not even that I wanted or expected someone to buy me lunch, it's that it wasn't even offered to me and was strenuously offered to someone who sits FIVE FEET AWAY FROM ME.

The group at work go out to lunch together ALL THE TIME. They are all "Facebook Friends". And I understand that you "bond" when you've worked together for years and years, but... to blatantly exclude someone, as they have done with me... how is that excusable? (And then to threaten my job because I am not "a team player").

And yes, when I go out to lunch (ALONE), I offer to pick things up to bring back for people. Every time I've invited someone to lunch, I've been turned down.

I've bent over backwards to fit in. I've done favors. I've gone in early and stayed late and done all of the shit work that no one else wants to do without a single complaint. And it doesn't matter.

And so, I have to say to yet another supervisor (at least here on my blog), "I am SO glad I don't have to get up in the morning and be you." Because I can't treat someone like something nasty I stepped in even if they have given me a REASON to be less than nice to them (and I have HONESTLY done NOTHING wrong to any of the people I work with... nor am I rude, inappropriate or someone who has poor hygiene). In fact, they all went out today with the salesguy who has had HR in an uproar for his completely inappropriate behavior in the workplace (a rather "rough/crude" sense of humor). So, I really, REALLY don't understand what I've done that is so wrong that I don't rate even the barest of common courtesy.

I know I am a grown-up and I shouldn't let things like things like this bother me and maybe it's the fact that my co-workers (with the exception of the gal that stayed behind today and Mr. Inappropriate, the salesguy) are 5-18 years younger than I am and maybe there's some weird age-related "thing" going on (in addition to the fact that I'm "not from around here").

And so... the fact that I applied for a new job today (an agency called me) doesn't bother my conscience at all. The sooner I can let all of this be a bitter memory, the better.


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