Thursday, June 10, 2010

It never fails to amaze me...

So, the other day we were supposed to have a conference call related to finance stuff. They rescheduled it at the last minute... (Whew! Dodged THAT bullet!)

Found out this morning that they rescheduled the call because "you (our team) weren't ready for the meeting"... WTF?? we spent 2 hours prepping last week, we were in the conference room with our computers up and running and our phone dialed into the conference call number. How is that "not ready"??
Were we "not ready" because we didn't have a plan to collect our goal amount? Well, I'll let someone know when I can pull rabbits out of my ass because I will admit that it isn't a current talent of mine. Were we "not ready" because we hadn't updated our spreadsheet that morning? Well, if someone other than Tudie, who is on vacation until NEXT WEEK, had been given access, maybe would could have done something about that.
Plus, I found out this morning that they're in hot pursuit of Super Collections Woman (an applicant for, basically, the job I am doing now who has a million six years of collections experience and apparently CAN pull rabbits (and maybe the occasional wild hare) out of her ass) and it slipped in conversation that someone was surprised that I didn't interview for the open position... and when I looked confused, the person looked absolutely mortified. (Whoopsie!)
Wondering if, in an ironic twist, I should apply for the open job I found today (another dept. completely but within current company).

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