Thursday, April 22, 2010

Search reboot?

So, I'm almost through week 3 of the job and I get called into the bosses office today. Apparently, Tudie has reported that I am "rude" to her all the time.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I was informed that I could lose my job if I don't change my attitude. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor again.

Now, my friends, I have been called MANY things in my time, but RUDE has never been among them, especially not in the workplace.

So, WOW... just Wow.. I was just stunned by that. I've bent over backwards to help out every person I work with. I've done everything from filing to making copies to making coffee (none of which is "my job"). I brought donuts the first Friday I was there.

Now I have to decide whether to try to stick it out for the length of the contract or whether I should start actively pursuing other employment. My gut says it's time to hit the bricks again because when you're dealing with someone like this, who has been with the company for a while, there's no way to win.

I'm too old for this "she hurt my feelings" bullshit, especially from someone who has been as rude as she can possibly be from day one. Plus, honestly, this is a really toxic, negative group of people. I'm not quite sure how to work this, the whole interview thing and all when I'm working and can't take time off, but I don't think I really have a choice.

And hey, the touch of trying to make me feel guilty for "all of the time and money you've invested in me...." did you REALLY go there? What about the time I've invested? What about the fact that you knew I was coming a week before I got there and did nothing to prepare?

Ugh. That's really about all I have to say is UGH! So frustrating and it doesn't HAVE to be that way.


myundiary said...

I strongly recommend looking for additional employment. You are not productive in an environment that you are not happy at. Make 1 friend there and use as a reference and then leave. You deserve better

Glenna Frazier said...

I think you should start looking. This job seems to have been frustrating for you from the beginning.

Mom said...

You must be doing a really good job for the snakes to start striking so soon...

I think perhaps you should do a both. Start looking while you continue to do a good job.