Monday, June 21, 2010

More waiting...

I met with The Borg today. I was GRILLED for an hour. Why, when it CLEARLY STATES on my resume that I have been working contract positions does everyone ask me why I can't hold a job for more than a few months? Listen people, I had two contracts EXTENDED. I was rehired by one agency for a second contract position. But because I haven't had a job for 3-5 years with one company (due to contract work, downsizing, companies going out of business, management decisions to cut a position to part-time when I need full-time work...) I'm somehow not worthy of a good opportunity (which is, itself, a short-term contract... so why the concern about whether I'm in it for the long haul)?

My heart wants to believe I got the job. My gut says there's no f**king way I got the job. But then I go back to "why would you spend an hour with someone you aren't going to hire"? Because I have had the 8-12 minute interview when the moment the interviewer saw me s/he knew that there was no job offer forthcoming but it's rude (I guess) to say "there's no point to conducting the interview, I've decided that since you are not built like/don't look like Malibu Barbie I am completely uninterested..." But they do a cursory interview as if I am going to walk into their office, drop to my knees and give them a hummer that will convince them that I have the necessary "skills" to perform the job satisfactorily. ::SIGH::

And so... now... I wait.

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