Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Games Agencies Play...

A while back I'd done an experiment and put my resume, under my maiden name, up on one of the major online job sites, just to see if maybe it would get play that the resume with my legal (and, I guess, "weird") name wasn't getting. Sure enough, I've had agencies calling. It is THE EXACT SAME RESUME except for the name and phone number. Yet, not a peep for the one and calls for the other. Tell me that there isn't some sort of discrimination going on.

Anyhow, I got a call today from an agency that I'd sent my resume to and never heard a peep from. I was right up front with the caller explaining what I had done and why. Her first reaction was "ummm, you know that we'll be doing a criminal background check, right?" Fine. I have nothing to fear from a criminal background check. I had TSA clearance and worked with vulnerable adults in the past. I have had jobs where I was bonded and passed the BCA check to become a notary public. Once we got past that, she sent me a couple of tests. One was accounting which I was, honestly, weak at only 73%. But I never claimed to be an accountant and have never in my life taken an accounting class. The other was an Excel test (a version I've not used) and I scored 93% on that and the agency lady seemed quite impressed. Tomorrow, I go in for an interview. I am dreading it. Not because I'm anything less than what I have represented myself to be, but because I just know that this person has some preconceived notions about me now (she was hiding her name, what else is she hiding?)

I wanted to know if my name was keeping me from at least being able to get my foot in the door. I think there is a plausible argument that it is. But is it worth it to use a tich of bait and switch? I guess this interview and what happens afterwards will probably give me an answer to that question. I'll let you know what that answer is.

Also today, I sent a very brief, cordial email to the other agency who is ALLEGEDLY working "for" me on a job. I got a very snappy "I haven't heard anything and told you I would contact you if I did" in response. Nice customer service, people. I'm not impressed. If that's how you treat the people you work with, it's no wonder that you can't find a job for me. I wouldn't work with you if I wasn't so damned desperate due to your attitude alone. Can't wait to tell you I have a job so bugger off. Hopefully I will get that chance SOON!

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Lisa B. said...

Wow, I would be po'd! Let us know how it goes. It will be interesting.