Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Friday... ::SIGH::

Another Friday and I am no closer to being employed. Got a rejection from one pending position (2 weeks after a decision was promised). There' s another position still pending that I have very little hope about due to the interviewer's attitude during the interview. Not a peep from the agencies who had contacted me 2 weeks ago. Oh.. and another position that I haven't heard "for sure" about but since I cannot report to work at 5AM (due to my transportation situation) and can't work weekends (again, a transportation issue), it's pretty much a given that I am not going to get that job.

So, what now? I have applied for a bunch of other jobs, but there seems to be about a 3 week "lag time" between applying and actually hearing from people and I have nothing on deck for next week.

I am contemplating going to a "job fair" next week just because maybe doing something different will help.

Honestly, I'm rather worn-down and feeling hopeless. But maybe I just need to get some sleep.

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