Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The trouble with Tuesday....

It wasn't a bad day at work but I will be honest and say it wasn't as productive as it might have been.

The day started well enough. I ran some errands before work and then went into the office. Then I opened my email. Yeahhhh.. that was a bit of a nasty surprise. A flurry of emails about things that needed to be ordered! Right now! Today! Pronto! But, you see, there were a couple of problems with these missives.

First off, none of them were issued by my boss. Who is, by the way, traveling and so even if we did manage to research the best possible price, put together the purchase order and send it to be approved, there's not a good chance that Mr. Bossman is going to see it and approve it today.

Secondly... are you kidding me? Do you REALLY believe he's going to just say "okie dokie" to an item that costs almost $15,000.00?

Lastly, I have questions about some of these items and am not in the mood for people to be sighing and rolling their eyes at me because I cannot intuit what KIND of KVM switch they need. And did anyone bother to check if these things you are giving me links to can be shipped to places outside of the US to our affiliates? Did you stop to consider that or check? I'm guessing NO because none of the places you cited ship outside of the US which isn't going to do our non-US affiliates, for whom we are ordering some of these products in the first place, any good! *facepalm*

I pinged the boss and the person who had issued the "we need this stuff ordered TODAY" missives. The bottom line came down to this... it didn't all get ordered today because there were too many factors that were not in our control and no one but me bothered to even scout contingency plans.

Tomorrow promises to be another bonanza of clusterfuckery. The boss is returning to the office, I don't have many of my "loops" closed because I've been dealing with clever little games like "what is that noise, where is it coming from and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY MAKE IT STOP!!" And other things like needing a note pinned to my shirt to remember to bring the goddamn digital camera back to the office!

In spite of the fact that there was a little grumbling about it, I bought Truvia for the breakroom again because I am thinking it's better for those who use artificial sweeteners than the alternatives (plus, I want to support the use of stevia where I can).

Also, before today I had no idea it was even possible to eat just ONE of a two pack of Reeses's Peanut Butter Cups. There is hope for me to live a life of moderation yet!

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LiLu said...

You ate ONE of a Reese's 2 pack and not the other?!?!

Teach me, master!