Thursday, April 2, 2009

Communication Skills

I think I may have noted that I've been told I have very inferior communication skills. But yet another situation has come up where I have to wonder if it is really MY communication skills that are the issue?

I got an email today from HR Lady @ Corporate Office. She is traveling to my office. She asked about the site celebration that is planned for the time she is in town. Wait, what? Site celebration? Not one peep had been said to ME about any site celebration.

So, I dutifully pinged Mr. Bossman. And he said "ummm, yeah, that's supposed to be a secret" and I responded that HR Lady believes that I am planning this celebration. Some of the things mentioned take WEEKS of planning. This isn't the sort of thing you can just throw together, but yet I am going to be left with approximately 2 weeks to plan and execute it.

Honestly, I am good at what I do but I will have to say that it is rare that I can pull off miracles. I plan things so I don't have to rush (rushing leads to mistakes that would have been avoided with planning) and I hate that the lack of communication now puts me on a "rush this" time schedule. Not cool.

But you all know as well as I do... when/if things don't happen perfectly, it won't be Mr. Bossman who takes the heat. It'll be the person who was tasked, however last minute, with pulling off the amazing with not enough time.

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