Sunday, March 15, 2009

A lil' followup...

As you may (or may not) recall from Friday's post... Mr. Assclown asserted that he's been waiting MONTHS for his copy of Project. Well, my friends, a little investigation put me in touch with the following nugget of knowledge...

Mr. Assclown ordered Project on March 4th. His request is still sitting UNAPPROVED by his manager, Euroboss. Remember, if you will, that another of his assertions was that Euroboss would want him to have Project over lowly lil' me. Yeah, that's why Euroboss has let that request just sit there without approving it... obviously Euroboss is losing sleep over the fact that Mr. Assclown cannot use Project "weeks ago".

I know it's petty and maybe juvenile of me to feel so... validated by the fact that I was 100% correct that the copy of Project that Mr. Assclown appropriated was supposed to be MINE. I hope I get SOME credit, though, for just dropping it and not letting it become the arguement that Mr. Assclown seemed so hot on making it become.

The underlying issue here, though, is that the software SHOULD have been clearly labeled who it was for so there would not have been an issue in the first place.

I don't even really care how this gets resolved. I'll either get the software or I won't and I'm enough of a professional that I'm not going to gloat (much) when/if Mr. Assclown gets told that he was WRONG. I know I'll never get an apology for him being such an asshat to me so what happens, at this point, is really not even something I am really emotionally invested in. I get the feeling more and more that Previous Person was pretty much a useless piece o' fluff and I've been written off as the same. There are two roads I can take... I can bust my ass and prove that untrue or I can just keep my head down, do my job and not give a rat's ass about what people think. And I'll tell you right up front that I'm not gonna be busting my ass because that has never ONCE been a tactic that has resulted in any long-term gain for me. I'm more than willing to put in the hours and go the extra mile. I've done that at job after job... it's not saved me from being downsized or phased out.

I just want to go and do the job and when I leave at night, the job stays where it is and I can walk away from it without having to think about it. If this was "the one", I'd likely feel different. But, it's not. I don't even know if "the one" exists. Is it different anywhere out there or does this dysfunctional stuff exist everywhere and I should just lose the illusion that there is salvation waiting somewhere?

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