Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Focus lost

Have you ever had a day when no matter what you tried you couldn't focus? Today was that day for me.

The first couple hours at work went fine. I got things done, had a plan for the day, everything was going along. I get a meeting notice right before I was scheduled to go to the Project Managment meeting so I let the boss know there was a conflict and went to the meeting he'd pinged me about only to find that he wanted me in the Project Management meeting which I then ended up walking into late. There's a good feeling. (*rolls eyes)

The afternoon was a disjointed mess made even worse by the fact that while I LOVE Indian Food, I really should have some notice that's what I'll be eating because my stomach let me know for the rest of the afternoon that there would be a rebellion.

I sent off a couple of emails and got the "I can't approve the attachment IF IT ISN'T attached" email (you know, the one that lets EVERYONE know you're an unfocused idiot?)

My former boss has a client who tracked me down but found my PERSONAL email address on the internet and rather than use the address that is frakkin' EVERYWHERE, she chooses my personal email which ticked me right the fuck off. At least I found out where she found it and was able to change it! (Huzzah!)

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