Friday, March 13, 2009

Honeymoon's Over...

I had been hoping that this job was "the one"... the one that didn't have epic levels of asshattery to deal with, the one where people acted like adults, the one where I finally got some respect and was a valuable member of the team. Alas, that was not to be.

It's been a glorious three weeks, though and I am impressed it took three weeks for the asshattery to crawl out of the woodwork and sit it's unwelcome ass square in the middle of my desk. But it was there today.

We'll start with the folks who are coming to visit and the fact that while I was informed of their arrival in a rather roundabout way, I was doing what needed to be done and really did not need my cow-irkers to be "helpful" and try to do my job for me. Just how incompetent WAS the last person in this position? I am starting to get a really clear picture of just how incompetent... There are certain things that the person in my position is supposed to do and I was doing those things and really didn't need people going AROUND me to do my job. I know I'm new, but try to give me SOME credit people.

I've tried to get important information from the visitors and get everything that needs to be done to the point where it is as done as it can be before they get here. It would have been nice of them to respond, right? I'm trying to help them and they can't even be bothered to respond which does not bode well.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to procure a copy of MSProject so I can do the Project Managment thing that my boss wants me to do (which previous person didn't do because her skillset was different than mine is) I did all of the things I am supposed to do to procure said piece of software and have been waiting for it to arrive. Another coworker comes in today and asks the coworker to be known from here out as Mr. Assclown if he still needs a copy of Project because they sent her another one. I ping The Lady of the Lab and ask what she did with the copy of Project because it's supposed to be mine. She tells me she gave it to Mr. Assclown. I mosey over to Mr. Assclown's office to get my copy of the software and he informs me he ordered it MONTHS ago and just installed it and now it's registered at Microsoft on HIS computer and what do I, who is JUST A SECRETARY need with Project anyways because "it's not like you know how to do scheduling" and I inform him that I have done Project Management before and it is something Mr. Bossman wants me to do. He snarks that Euroboss wants HIM to have Project and I can just download a free trial until they can get me the software because he's been waiting MONTHS for it. I do some checking and find out that Mr. Assclown has not only not ordered the software in question but the last software he ordered at all was in 2006. There is no point in arguing with Mr. Assclown, even though I KNOW FOR A FACT that I am right and he is WRONG and that is MY software that his happy ass has installed on his computer and I may or may not have entertained the notion of hiding something that will become increasingly noxious in his office.

Of course, the time I DID waste researching and trying to resolve the issue without getting into a snarkfest put me way behind schedule to the point that I get to go in tomorrow and get done the things that I didn't get done today.

On the up side, it will be sans an Assclown tomorrow and THAT will be wonderful!

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