Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dubious honor...

I'm finally getting some tasks at my new job. It worries me to hear them say "...since you have an IT background..." I hope that doesn't mean they think I am a programmer or something, because I'm not and I thought I'd made that clear at the interview. If they just mean that I understand how software works and should work and know how to make software do what needs to be done, then, yeah, I can probably do that. But, it's come back to bite me in the ass that 'well, you said you'd done programming..." Noooo.... what I said was that I worked with an independent software development team and did Project Management and Public Relations and some Marketing and I did some cat herding and made sure that programmers stayed on task and knew what they were supposed to be doing and acted as a liaison between management and programmers and designers but no, I've never done any programming myself as that is not where my intelligence lies. And I'd never represent that I'd done any programming, either.

So, I am waiting for whatever this task list that they're formulating is going to be and am getting worried about it and don't really want to lose this job and have to look for another one and there was nothing about needing an IT background in the job description and I am sure that my predecessor wasn't doing any programming or anything...

That being said, given the correct circumstances, I could likely be an awesome Project Manager/Cat Herder and nag people about deadlines and deliverables and crank out awesome Gantt Charts and stuff.

I also get the feeling that I am asking an awful lot of questions and the folks I am working with aren't quite used to that. I'm a "clarifier"... I want to know what I'm doing, why I'm doing it and what you expect the outcome/output to be. I conjure up a number of "what if" scenarios because I know that "shit happens" and I want to know when I'll need to have a Plan B.

I hate new jobs, because I always feel like I'm trying to be the "good girlfriend" and doing way more than expected to make sure they like me... then, when I back off to a "solid production" state there is a bit of a letdown because I'm there to produce, not necessarily impress.

Speaking of producing... I'd best get the dishes washed!

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