Monday, January 24, 2011

Weird Day

It was a weird day at work because I screwed something up but it was something there was no way I could have known how to do it right and no way I could have known it was wrong. It seemed ok to me, I had done it the way I'd done it last month (it's a monthly task) and had been told that I'd done it correctly last month (it was wrong last month, too... sigh...)

Corrections will have to be made and now I know how to do it right and there shouldn't be any issues going forward and it's not the part of my job that is my strong point so while I do feel bad that there will have to be corrections made, I am not beating myself up about it too much because, like I said, I had no way of knowing that what I was doing wasn't correct.

Still, I am a perfectionist and having to admit to clients that I screwed up won't be easy and it's not as if I can actually say to clients that I had no way of knowing it was wrong...

Once we get into second quarter, things should be better. And by then I'll have a better handle on things. At least, that's what I am hoping. I feel like my inbox is always overflowing and my out box doesn't see much completed work...

And I somehow managed to both receive and lose my copy of "The Art of War" today.

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