Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Under the (icy) weather

I know I haven't posted in a while. First the weather was really awesome so I was enjoying it and then the ICE came and everything went to Hell (if, you know, Hell was a place of ICE and not FIRE) and I was too frozen to post anything plus I have been working from home which is simultaneously awesome and awkward because I love that I can do it but don't want to push my luck, ya know? I don't want them to decide that since they can get along without me in the office for a day or two that they can get along without me all together.

And I AM working at home. I am getting things accomplished and that's good but I have to admit that the mess in my apartment is pretty distracting and the fact that the fridge is RIGHT OVER THERE is a temptation but then today I pretty much sat at my desk for hours and hours and when I finally got up I was all locked up because even though I CAN get up and move, I get into a task and completely forget to get up and move and that's not a good thing.

So, after working hours tonight, I did do a little housekeeping and I need to work on the bit of the livingroom that I can see from the office (I never want to live somewhere without a room that I can use as a home office ever again. The whole idea of having a room that is the "office' is such a good idea that the thought of going back to having the computer in the livingroom and not in a separate space is pretty loathesome at this point. Which may means I am doomed to live in this apartment forever or at least until they raise the rent to the point of utter ridiculousness like they did back where I lived 4 years ago. There, I moved into a place and over the course of years the rent crept up and crept up but the property wasn't really improved or even really well maintained. I know that the current management company where I am is going to try to say that they have "improved" the property but new siding isn't cutting it... how about a laundry room that actually has working machines? How about an office that doesn't sent me delinquent notices when I have never, ever been delinquent? How about some SECURITY and a pool that's open for more than a couple of hours more than a couple of weeks a year? Oh yeah... and a toilet that doesn't run... And some actual weatherstripping so I am not paying to heat/cool the airspace outside of my apartment?

*AHEM*... sorry about that....

So, I have been busy while I haven't been here and I'll try to get back more often. Hope that the weather wherever you are isn't too awful. We will thaw soon, right?

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