Monday, May 10, 2010

Opportunity Knocks (and then hides in the bushes)

It's been a little more than a week since I got the call about the other opportunity. I've heard nothing new. I got a call from the same agency, different recruiter about another position today. Again, I expressed interest. We shall see if anything will come of it. If not, I'll just stay open to possibilities. I am still not feeling welcomed or comfortable where I am, although there seems to be an effort now to get me trained to do what they hired me to do.

The thing is, though, that if I do a good job doing what they've decided that they want me to do then I will work myself out of a job. Which may be why this is a contract position. Because if I do a craptastic job then... Oh yeah, they have someone like that already... Tudie.

I'm not someone who is "motivated by money"... that being said, the other jobs that I am being offered pay more than what I am making right now which doesn't hurt nor does it make them less attractive. It's true that another job could end up being even worse than where I am now. However, I don't think that "Optimizing my personal space utilization" (aka sitting at a desk bored to death because you don't have the tools to do any actual work) is the picnic that you think it would be. Because Big Brother watches the internetz and I think they'd notice if I spent hours in the bathroom with my Battery Operated Boyfriend (tempted to test that theory... but somehow think that being fired for being a perv would probably not be a good thing to add to my resume at this time, plus, lube is not always easy to get out of one's work clothes).

I do have a project for tomorrow and allegedly will get some training on Wednesday. Would be weird if they finally got me trained and then I took another job. I have to keep telling myself that they have no loyalty to me, so why should I have any loyalty to them?

Speaking of loyalty... I have things to wrap up for LegalBeagle. More later!

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