Monday, May 17, 2010

Micromanagment does not become you...

Maybe I am wrong, but last I checked, Tudie was not my boss. Yet, ever since Bosslady left for vacation, guess who has been micromanaging me?

At least a half million times a day (or maybe it just feels like that) she's asking me what I'm working on, how many collections calls I've made, how many promised payments I've gotten... Ummm, well, because of her stellar training ("You're so smart, you figure it out... class dismissed") I have had to figure out 2 new-to-me software packages completely on my own. I will NOT be in the position of sounding like an idiot when I contact a customer. I don't care how much Tudie micromanages me, I am NOT going to be fumbling through things when I am speaking to customers. Because a bill collector who can't answer simple questions? Is never, ever (did I mention EVER?) getting paid.

The other thing I've been trying to wrap my head around and can't is this. When a customer purchases something, they generate a purchase order. (I know this because when one of the techs wants to buy something, they call me and I have to generate a purchase order, therefore it follows that if someone is buying something from us, THEY would generate a purchase order). Yet, a great many customers who are disputing their bills are disputing them because WE can't give THEM a purchase order number. Wait, what? You folks created a purchase order and... lost it? The person who GENERATED the Purchase Order should be able to conjure that purchase order up again so the invoice can be paid. But yet, they are telling us "Sorry, we can't pay until you give us a Purchase Order number..." I think I am going to use that one next time I have a past due bill and see how it works. Maybe the collector's confusion will buy me a couple of days to pay the bill.

And big hearts to the tech who needed a PO today and just wrote the info on a sticky note and then LEFT ME ALONE. Thank you, Tech Dude, for not hovering and making me feel like I am screwing things up. Can you teach Tudie to LEAVE ME ALONE?

So, that's the latest from my own personal hell...

Oh yeah... and I got a rejection today... for a job I applied for IN NOVEMBER of 2009!! I think I figured out about 5 months and 2 weeks ago that I wasn't getting the job. But hey, thanks for contacting me, folks.

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