Monday, September 10, 2012

Rough Start

Woke up this morning to a rejection in my email box. Not the way to start off a morning.  Got contacted by an agency a few hours later.  They needed me to take some tests online. No problem.  I get the link, head off to the website.  It was about 11:15AM.

Get to the website, log in, do the data entry test. No problems. Go to take the Excel test and it won't load.  Neither will the PowerPoint or Word tests.  Ok, fine. Maybe it's a browser issue.  Open new browser, return to testing site, log in, try to load Excel test and it won't load.  Hmmm....  Ok, still have one more browser to try, open that up, get logged back in... NOPE.  Won't load the tests.

Contacted the agency guy who sends me a new link.  Same thing.  I try it from my laptop. Nope. Not on either browser I have installed on the lappie. Ok. In desperation I try the housemate's computer (and miraculously don't get vaporized by his security system!).  Nope. Won't run on his computer, either.

I contact the test center's tech support after rebooting both my desktop and my laptop and trying again. Still no luck.  Tech Support has me uninstall and re-install Java. This does not fix the problem.  It's now about 2:30PM (I was on hold waiting for tech support for nearly 45 minutes and then they moved glacially slow having me uninstall and re-install...)  Agency guy calls and wonders why he doesn't have my test results. He mis-understands and thinks I am too stupid to log in.  No, that is not the problem, agency guy.  I explain the REAL problem to him. Tell him Tech Support said they would call me back (not bloody likely because they never asked for my phone number).

I spent until about 7PM trying all sorts of different things... surfed around Google looking for clues.  Fiddled with settings.  Nope, none of it worked.

Now, on the test website they have a "check browser settings" option and they tell you if you can see their logo, you are all set to take their tests.  In ALL of my browsers I see the logo just fine.  I don't think the problem is on my end.

And so, another opportunity goes out the window because I can't take the necessary tests. (The agency is not local, so going into their office to take the tests is not an option).

The only other opportunity to come up today was a job that would be 2.5 hours commute, one-way (so 5 hours round trip, assuming traffic wasn't too bad)  All the money I would make would go into paying for gasoline.  Not worth it.

This was not the best Monday...

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Sharkbytes said...

This type of thing is beyond maddening. I hear the pain.