Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Unexpected Tuesday Internet

Usually Tuesday nights, being writing nights, I have access to internet BUT since I am not working and it is a wine bar.... the temptation to spend money that I do not have to spend is a little overwhelming so I have skipped some writing nights. But tonight we are meeting at a local bookstore which is dangerous because I love books BUT there is no pressure to buy wine.  And I didn't think that they had wifi here, but they have wifi so here I am writing.

It's been a slow week, which I realize is a bit bizarre to say when it's only Tuesday, but I haven't had a lot of contacts this week (I did have a phone interview today and I have a face-to-face interview at another company on Thursday....)  But the emails from the recruiters aren't coming anymore and all of the leads I had have gone cold/stale (not hearing back when I heard I would and not being able to get a response when I try to contact them).  The trend away from common courtesy is disturbing.

Hope you are all having a good week! 

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