Thursday, April 29, 2010

Possibly interesting situation...

I haven't resumed actively looking for a job, but I haven't "shut down" my profiles on any of the job sites nor told any of the recruiters I'd been working with that I was "off the market". So, today I got an email from a recruiter who has a yearlong contract position, $2 an hour more than I'm making now, similar commute.

I briefly weighed "honoring a commitment" vs. "looking out for number one". I factored in the fact that I am a month in and STILL don't have access to all of the computer programs I NEED to do the job they told me I was being hired to do. And all anyone seems to be interested in doing about it is grumping at ME that I can't do more for them. I don't control the IT dept. folks.

Meanwhile, I've acquired a few new skills so am able to do a LITTLE work. And I have acquired a friend in the new project manager (was a tech, got moved into the PM role, has never been a PM, didn't know what a GANTT chart was let alone how to create one... enter ME to the rescue!)

And the "team" that I work with gushed for an hour today about how happy they are that the gal who is out on maternity leave has now scheduled her return date. And they did the "we're going out to lunch so you have to watch the phones" thing today and so by the time they got back it was stupid to go to lunch so late and so I just skipped it. Again.

All that factored in, I decided to tell the recruiter to go ahead and submit me. My concern being that I can't get to the site where the job would be and back AND interview in the hour that I would be allotted for lunch and they made a huge, hairy deal in the interview for the current job about understanding that I would not be allowed to take any time off (asked if I had any standing appointments, vacations planned, relatives who might possibly be ill/dying) during my contract and that sick days would be frowned upon, I got grilled about my attendance, too. So, I'm not sure how that's all going to work out, but, we'll see.

On one hand, I feel a tinge of disloyalty. On the other hand, I have the overwhelming feeling that they would have absolutely no qualms about dumping me and the "carrot" of a permanent job with the current company is not real at all. Especially in light of the co-worker who seems to really want me gone.

I can already hear them gnashing their teeth and wailing about "all of the time and money we spent training you..." (I think a total of ABOUT 2 hours time has been spent paying any attention to me at all... maybe 2.25 if you count being called on the carpet for "rudeness")

So... we shall see how things will work out!


Glenna Frazier said...

Good luck. I think at this point you should look out for #1.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

My human says she would feel no guilt whatsoever about leaving that job. And considering how you're being treated now, she wouldn't necessarily want a permanent position there to begin with. I'm glad we kitties don't have to do that! We HAVE employees, never the other way 'round.