Saturday, April 17, 2010

End of Week 2

Well, I've made it through two weeks at the new job. The most significant thing to happen this week is that I did actually get a computer. It doesn't have access to the program that I need to do my job, but I did get a computer. So, now people can email me and I still can't do a damn thing to help them.

So, hopefully soon I will have a computer and access to what I need to actually do some work.

You know, if you hire someone because people are drowning in work and then don't give them the tools to do the job you hired them for, it's like sending someone to sit in a rowboat right out of the reach of a drowning person... "Hey look, help is here.... but NOT!" (I think my analogies could probably use some work but the cubicle fumes have gotten to me the last couple of weeks).

My desk is clean. I have office supplies (I went out and bought some of my own because Tudie is in charge of office supplies and people are ALWAYS complaining that we don't have something and I figured it would just be easier to get my own than try to argue her into ordering what I want.

This weekend will be spent catching up on all of the things that I haven't had time (or motivation) to do this week.

Then Monday... back to the grind. But at least there is a grind to go back to, right?

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Glenna Frazier said...

I hope things get better for you at work soon. Your right the job won't get done without the appropriate tools. But at least you found that job.