Saturday, November 3, 2012

Queueing up to return to Square One

The first part of this week was slow. I got a call and there was a brief phone screen type interview and then a couple of days later I got a rejection email. No real surprise given the interviewer's line of questioning during the phone screen (if they choose to dwell on the negative whilst questioning, they are usually not interested but are fulfilling a quota or something).

I had three interviews this week. Two with agencies and another that was to be a direct hire. I was supposed to hear something by the end of the day about the direct hire position. I didn't hear anything.  Even though I felt I presented as a strong candidate, I overheard the applicant ahead of me being offered the job. I am not really sure what the point of interviewing me was, but I suppose she didn't want to say she'd offered the person just before me the job and I could leave after making me fill out several essay-style question filled pages of questions pre-interview.

I don't suspect I will hear anything from either of the agencies, either.  Call it a gut feeling or intuition but there was just a "vibe" that shook my confidence in each situation.  However, I scored well on the testing that they'd made me take pre-interview, so I feel marginally happy about that.  Marginally happy because if it doesn't help me to get a job, what's the point?

So... another week down. The clock ticks on.  Back to Square One on Monday.

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