Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fast track to Nowhere

So, I had three interviews late last week. I had a phone screen today and have an interview set up for Thursday.  I am finally scraping the bottom of the barrel and heading off to a temp agency tomorrow. Oh... and I got submitted for a job that will be a substantial pay cut but I honestly think it's another one of those things I will not hear another peep about.

The job I REALLY want contacted me again tonight asking me how my job search is going. This is madness and there is a part of me that wants to tell them to either offer me a job or take a flying leap. I do NOT have time to play games. This is my career and livelihood on the line here, people.  The sad thing is that I really, really like the person and I really, really want to work for/with the person but if this person cannot make up their mind, I have no choice but to cut my losses and move on.  And honestly, maybe that's what I should do.

I am SO over all of this. And being with a temp agency is only going to prolong the agony. Because they'll send me on all these short-term assignments and then I'll be without a job (and income) until something else comes along.

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