Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th was indeed unlucky...

About five minutes to 5PM this afternoon, the bossman called me into his office and I was pink slipped.  Budget stuff... Lack of work...  A familiar tune to me (sadly).  

I had planned to work for the company until the owners retired (which I figured would be another 5-10 years) Now, 19 months later, I'm again looking for work.  I know that this is not my fault but I feel like I've failed nonetheless.  And I know that people won't be able to get past the short term jobs I've had (many have been short-term contracts and I state as much, but it never seems to make a difference) so I will have an uphill road to finding a new job.

On the positive side, I will have new tales of job hunting to regale you with. I may be able to blog more frequently (keeping an eye, of course, on making sure I am making the most of my job hunting time).

Funny thing... the bus routes were slated to change at the end of this month and I would have had to travel pretty much my whole commute by bus instead of being able to take the train.  So, the positive here is that I HOPE I can find employment closer to home or at least with a reasonable commute.

So.... Friday the 13th goes down in my book as being pretty unlucky.  And it's back to the drawing board for me!

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