Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When do I get to leave High School?

I know as I get older that more and more I will be working with/for people who are younger than I am. But I was hoping that at some point I'd get to work with people who were MATURE.

I'm not sure exactly what's up at work. Last week, they all prepared to go out to lunch together and leave me behind. Again. And, well, I have to admit that I may have snapped a little bit. And then they all scurried off, had a secret meeting and decided that they'd just *sigh* stay in the office. By that time, I was pretty much over it. But it's been one big festival of dysfunction since then. I say "Good Morning" and get met with stony silence. I ask questions... stony silence. The only time I am spoken to at all is when I get an attitude thrown my way over something, real or imagined that they think I've done wrong. And all of the things I've actually done wrong? Yeah... stuff I was never told about so had no way of knowing it was wrong.

I'm not sure if it was Monday or yesterday that near the end of the day, the rest of the dept. was told to go to the conference room. They came back somber and sullen. I am wondering if this relates to one of the gals having been EXTRA dressed up a few days in the last couple weeks. (Like, dressed to interview dressed up).

For a little while, I had been included in things... I thought I was making progress. Now... yeah...the Silent Treatment, whispering, scurrying off to the conference room or the boss's office. Honestly, if that counter makes it to 120, I'll be exceedingly surprised.

My agency rep has been on my back to do something that I think is a bad idea. Stony silence from her today, as well.

Wake me when the working world grows up a bit, will you? All of this dealing with dysfunction has made me TIRED.

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