Thursday, July 29, 2010

Counter Reset

So, there I was at work today, minding my own business, when I get an URGENT email from my agency lady. "YOU MUST CALL ME RIGHT AWAY" it said. And so, I did. To be told that today would be my last day at this assignment. No reason given (I asked and was told that they were simply told that the person on maternity leave had come back and they no longer needed me).

So, ok. At least it was an "Honourable Discharge" and they didn't try to make up some BS. But a Thursday? That's different.

This all took place about 10:15AM. Noontime rolls around and the "ladies" in my department order lunch. Without a WORD to me. Hello... I am sitting RIGHT HERE and you are acting as if I am not... NOW who's rude?

Anyhow, I was a professional, worked through the day. Around 2:30, I tried to log into a program on my computer and couldn't. I tried another one... no go... I went through everything and couldn't even get on the internet FFS. I mention this to bosslady who tells me "call the Helpdesk". So, I call the helpdesk who tells me that they got orders to IMMEDIATELY shut me down.

So, I called agency lady. Told her I had TRIED to work the day and was locked out of everything that makes doing my job possible. She told me to pack anything that I had and leave. So, I did. I packed up what little I had (including the office supplies that I had purchased with my own money), powered down the laptop, picked up my bag and left. Without a word to anyone. And that, she said, is the end of that.

I am hoping to become re-employed quickly and that it will be sincerely less dramatic.

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