Thursday, October 15, 2009

"...we've decided to fill the position with a lemur..."

Ok, so... I went on the interview a while back and haven't heard a peep since. I'm thinking that means I should write that off and move onto the next thing. I sent a very nice thank-you letter (as you are supposed to) and have heard nothing. Is it really so difficult to send off a form e-mail "Thank you for applying, we've hired someone else/you're not what we're looking for/we've decided to fill the position with a lemur, please destroy our number and never again darken our doorstep".

Flash forward to the fiasco of the day. I got a call from a recruiting agency. I returned the call as instructed. About a minute into our conversation he VERY abruptly says "Yeah, listen, I'm gonna have to call you back, I have another call" **CLICK** So, here I am at my desk, holding my breath for the call back. Given that I was told he'd call back 40 minutes ago, I'm thinkin' that maybe, just maybe, homeboy isn't going to follow through with that. Just sayin'.

Yesterday, I got a call from a recruiter (seeing a pattern here?) and actually GOT the follow up email she said she'd send "right away" about 2 hours later. I filled out the attached form, scanned it, emailed it back, got acknowledgement that it was received and... that's right... not a peep since.

I was browsing ads yesterday and came across a really good job. Read the description and it was a perfect fit. Then I read the last line of the ad "Must have a SPOTLESS credit record, no exceptions". Now... my credit isn't bad. But I surely cannot call it SPOTLESS. Sigh. My theory is that their last Admin (and this was for a job which has NO financial responsiblities) embezzled an assload o' money or something. I dunno, I think that one's credit report is a really poor indicator of what sort of employee someone would be. But, this may be why I am not in management.

So... at the moment. No job for me. No good prospects. Guess I need to think of a good "plan B".

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