Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Interview Enigma

So, I ventured out on an interview today. I hate them. I hate the waiting AFTER an interview even more.

Did you ever have an interview where you got absolutely NO clue about whether it went well or not? Thus was my interview today with "Gus". I call him that not because it's his name, but it seems to fit.

Gus is an older gentleman. I think he would have done well selling used cars because he says the same thing over and over but pretties it up and obfuscates it well. Rather than give a name to any of their projects they were discussed as "the current project" and "the future project" and, well, there are many appealing things about the job, not the least of which is the mostly home office aspect of it and honestly, I think it's a cakewalk sort of job but... I got no real feel for how Gus was feeling and he had a weak, limp handshake, which I hate.

I do think it's sortve telling that ol' Gus didn't really ask alot about me. And called me by the wrong name twice. So, I am not holding my breath and will move on as if I still need to look. We shall see how things go.

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