Monday, January 7, 2013

Not a great start to the year...

I've not heard from bosslady in over a week. I was contacted last week by the Unemployment Office about my "recent unemployment"...  I am assuming, at this point, that the Unemployment Office knows what they are talking about and that I likely don't have a job anymore.  To say I am deeply disappointed if this is how this ends is an understatement.

As it is, I've gotten virtually no hour the past couple of weeks but I can't quit because then I will be ineligible for Unemployment, which is a tiny sum, but it's something.

Meanwhile, I HAVE been proactively seeking work. It's slow going, though, and I'm starting to panic.

So... I am getting ready to reset the clock and march back to Square One.

Can I get a 'do over' on this year so far?

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