Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No Thank You... Yes, Please & I need a nap!

Today was the first time I can recall having gone to an interview and walked out hoping against hope that I did NOT get offered the job.  I had an interview today that was just SCARY.  I sortve imagine it must have been like the meeting you have when you are considering joining a cult.  And I want no part of it.


I'm far enough into this (almost 90 days now) that I am sure the unemployment folks are chomping at the bit to cut me off for the slightest reason and I would have to take this abomination if they offered it to me.  And I really can't imagine myself being anything but miserable working there.

On the other hand, I had a wonderful interview the other day and I'd really, really like the job.  I've done all that they have asked of me and now am waiting to hear their decision. It is agony waiting.

And I am sure you realize by this point in the post that I was not murdered at my questionable interview the other day.

I need some sleep... goodnight.

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