Monday, March 19, 2012

Accounting for Words

I have been very fortunate in my life to run into people who are very complementary to me in terms of their skillsets. One of these talented people is the owner of a lovely business called Words and Numbers.

She's my "go-to" person when I am not sure what the Generally Accepted Accounting Principle is for a certain bit of information that is lofted onto my desk at work. It is good to have a person like that when you are an Admin. who is doing much (very unfamiliar) accounting work. She is also Xero (I am pretty sure I am spelling that correctly) Certified and an extremely talented writer.

Since I don't believe that any of us is well served by standing in our little corner of the world shouting about how wonderful we are, I decided that I should let MY corner of the Internet know about Words and Numbers. She didn't ask me to do this. She's not paying me to say any of this, this is just the sort of networking that makes the business world (especially the business world of solopreneurs) go 'round.

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