Saturday, June 11, 2011


This last week the Boss was out of the office. I got tons of work done. Unfortunately, the work I got done was 98% things that were things that the Boss usually takes care of, so I am another week behind. Which is bad enough but then there's the fact that the week before I was sick for two days so I am now about a week and a half behind. I am thinking that over the next couple of weeks, there may be some long days so I can catch up on things.

Yesterday, I was on track to get things done except that we have someone working on a special project and we could not get the work station that was set up for her to do the project to work the way that it was supposed to work and so she had to sit at my workstation. That made me a little miffed. Then the other Boss was trying to get the pen mouse working and couldn't so I futzed around with that for a while and couldn't get the damned thing to do what I wanted it to do which means I will be working on THAT next week (at the request of the Boss).

Not much else going on. The only other thing I could write about is the really, really strange restroom habits of some of the other women in the building I work in and I am pretty sure noone really wants to read that. But it's bizarre stuff, folks.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Margaret said...

I'm not sure if what I posted a little while ago got through, due to being lost in technical stuff.

But I'm glad that you have a permanent position, even though there's a lot on your plate. Sure must beat Tudie and the bitches she worked with.

Stay sane.