Thursday, September 2, 2010


Last Friday, I had a phone interview. It went well. A second phone interview needed to be done. It was scheduled for this morning (Thursday). Guess what DIDN'T happen? Yeah, the person who was scheduled to be in the call forgot/blew it off. It isn't even Friday. Nice. So now, because someone was too damn important/busy/forgetful to show up for a PHONE CALL, I have to wait until TUESDAY to try again. There are THREE STEPS to the process after that, each taking a week to 3 weeks to process. With any luck, I may have a job offer by the end of the year!

In unrelated news, I had an entrecard ad placement turned down. Ummmm, excuse me? I sortve have to laugh that someone with the word "bitch" in their blog title apparently thinks MsCleanslate here is too offensive.

In any case, getting back to the first part of the post, it bothers me that I spent an hour waiting for someone to come and interview me this morning and now they can't even be bothered to reschedule until next week (so, no consideration AT ALL for the fact that I might, you know, have BILLS TO PAY).

In any case... way too much damn drama in my life lately for my taste. And nowhere near enough sleep. Back to the job boards for me.

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