Friday, January 9, 2009

Dear Former Co-Worker

Dear Former Co-Worker,

Ok... So I know you read my blog. You really need to examine why it is that you feel threatened by the fact I know you read my blog. Seriously. Get over yourself. Think about it... what in the Hell am I going to do to you? Do you REALLY need to hide on Facebook now?

I'm over the fact that you got hired and I didn't. You had the right stuff. I didn't. It was a business decision. Congratulations. You have a college degree. I'm happy that you could afford to go to college. Hooray for you!

I feel like an idiot now for feeling you were sincere in your well-wishes when I let you in on the fact that my last day was my last day. You really had me fooled. But this sort of thing is exactly why I didn't want anyone to know. Because I knew people would say things they didn't really mean. Like you did.

You've got a good job. You're respected in the community. You are a Native. I'm an outsider who can't get a job. Do you REALLY think that I would even TRY to do something malicious to you? Well, don't worry. Don't worry one iota because up until now, I actually respected you. I thought it was awesome that you didn't care what the company we worked for told me very pointedly we were NOT to do and you just went after it, damn the consequences and it worked out well for you.

Don't worry... I won't embarrass you when you're walking with your family down by the river and pass by my van. I won't offer you any government cheese. I won't panhandle from your kids.

Hate and Pinches,

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