Thursday, September 11, 2008

Interviews are exhausting!

I am very happy I don't have to go to interviews every day. I would be dead of stress/ exhaustion before the first 2 weeks were up.

I had an interview this evening. I did extensive research about the company, which allowed me to ask an absolutely STUNNINGLY CLEVER question of my interviewer. It's for what boils down to an assistant manager position working for a manager who has never really run a business before. Sadly, this means that while I have never held the TITLE of manager before, I seem to have more working knowledge of how businesses run than the person who would be my boss. She did admit that she's not so much for the whole "computer thing" and "paperwork things" which are both my strengths. However, I am also capable of being Ms. Saleswoman and don't need to call the manager if I have to deal with a pissy client, either. I may have to go to the bathroom and cry after dealing with a pissy client but I've lived through actual psychotic episodes (THE CLIENT'S EPISODES, for the record... not my own...)

Now I must go wash off the makeup and play the waiting game. I do not like the waiting game. I want the potential employer to fall in love with me and cancel all the other interviews because they know they will not find anyone as wonderful as I am. That never seems to happen, though... and I am starting to take it personally. I need to find a job working for one of the people who either a) reads my blog or b) writes a blog that I dig. Or I need to win the lottery. Either way, I need a new gig and I need it soon, so wish me luck!

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